Do you think that a killer, professionally designed logo would skyrocket your business? Think no more, but take action by allowing SEOLIX to design your logo!


Our expert team of designers works around the 5 principles of professionalism:

    1. SEOLIX LogosYour logo is more than just an image. It is a trademark. It is the reflection of your commercial brand, and it is a symbol that you can place everywhere from business files and folders and up to imprinting them on the corporate gifts.


    1. The logo must be catchy and memorable. You don’t want to own as logo an utterly complicated design that looks like a surrealistic artwork. You also don’t want your logo to be so simple that even first graders would ignore it. We know how to avoid all these pitfalls.


    1. The logo must be definable. Everybody who catches a glimpse of your logo should be able to literally “describe” it. While it can definitely carry a subliminal message, a logo must be like a common language: everybody understands it.


    1. It’s not all about the color. A black & white logo must look perfect and send the same message as a colorful one. We create your logo so that it will convey the same admiration and inspiration even if it is printed on a sheet of paper using black ink only.


    1. Big & Small- a logo should have the same effect. Our graphic designers will create perfection, so that it doesn’t matter if your logo is printed in 5 inches diameter or one inch, it will carry the same meaning and effect.


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