MySpace Fanpage

Myspace is a very successful social networking website, which gives the opportunity for individuals, small businesses, corporations and enterprises to meet and share common interests. However, approximately 85% of the Myspace pages are being created by individuals with little experience in the design and graphics field. If you want Myspace to become one of the tools by which you will present your business to worldwide audiences, you need to allow experienced professionals to create the page for you.

Myspace should be included on the list of social media campaign portals, if you want to take your business to the next level.

Why SEOLIX believes your business will greatly benefit if you have a top notch Myspace page:

  • Myspace is a both way traffic generator: Visitors arrive to your homepage and do not trust you that muchà they check your Myspace fan page and return TO BUY from you. Alternatively, visitors land on your Myspace pageà like what they seeà proceed to your homepage TO BUY from you.
  • You cannot store everything on your presentation homepage. That would mean to turn it into a social media portal (which you obviously don’t want!). Communicate, share, advertise, challenge and even create interesting polls on Myspace.

SEOLIX expert tip:

Stop mixing business with pleasure; keep your website clean and fresh and use the social media portals to stay connected with your customers/visitors.

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