Social Media Accounts

On the virtual stage brand security is the number one reason for concern. There are many people out there who can’t wait to “steal” your creative username, details referring to your brand, and even copy the logo you have put so much effort into designing and making it special.

SEOLIX - Social Media Accounts

Don’t let others boasting around with what does not belong to them! Secure your brand right now with SEOLIX. We have well over 500 social media sites that will help establishing security for your brand. This is not an automated service; everything is 100% manual work. We will enter all the important details referring to your businesses in these social media accounts:

  • Business address information
  • Web URL
  • Business e-mail contact

SEOLIX - Social Media Accounts…plus any other details that you want! This way, traffic to your website is guaranteed. We can create social media accounts for individuals (even small entrepreneurs who are on a limited budget), but we also take over the job at corporate or enterprise level. Secure your username, business name, product or brand name online and keep out scammers from your way. Social media networks are the most powerful tools that can make your business a success!

Value your time and money? Trust SEOLIX.

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