Twitter Services

SEOLIX Twitter ServicesTwitter is one phenomenal microblogging service which allows you to send your short and concise messages to the world. The service is based on the concept that less is more and all it takes are 140 characters conveying a crisp and fresh marketing message that will send your profits to the ceiling and beyond.

Managing your own Twitter account and keeping it neat, appealing and updated at all times is quite a difficult task…unless you have at least 1 hour every single day to take care of your followers, Twitter page design, and of course to come up with a captivating Tweet message…

The professional, utterly friendly and creative beyond expectations crew on board of SEOLIX will bring you fame and fortune through Tweets sent across all oceans and seas!

What the captain can offer you:

  • SEOLIX Twitter  ServicesAutomated Twitter Campaign – establishes your online brand, makes your name resonate in the virtual world
  • Mega Twitter Campaign – we take care of every single little detail; you sit back and relax and when the time comes you just need to reap the benefits
  • Bulk Twitter Accounts – because you need to have omnipresence online!
  • Twitter page design – 90% of the online visitors to any page will decide whether they will continue reading based on the negative/ positive impression they get from the graphics. Stylish, creative and suggestive images are a must if you want to attract followers and potential customers to your business!

Package details coming soon. For any inquiries about this service please feel free to contact us.

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