Mega Twitter Campaign

SEOLIX’s flagship Mega Twitter Campaign (MTC) is made up of a series of proven advertising tactics and methods to kick-start your social media presence. The Mega Twitter Campaign is used by most of the internet entrepreneurs and companies  for:

  • Brand Refreshment – Any little detail that changes in your business, must be shared with your customers (such as the addition of a new branch, or changing your business logo, etc). And Twitter is the best source.
  • Rebuilding Trust – It happens. All it takes is 3 unsatisfied customers with how their shipment arrived late, and people can create havoc online through all the social media portals or forums. You can earn your trust again with the help of well built up advertising campaigns; a.k.a using the Mega Twitter Campaign!
  • Targeting New customers – Attracting new customers to your business is essential
  • Introducing New Slogans – You might want to refresh your business by creating a new, fresh and suggestive slogan. Then Tweet it to the world, let everybody learn your new business motto!
  • Ringing the Bells – People constantly forget. So you need to remind them (of your discounts, of the quality of your customer service, of your seasonal slashed rates, etc.)
  • Going Viral – Twitter can be accessed even on a mobile phone. Imaging harnessing the power of millions of Twitter users to make your brand viral. That’s right, the MTC takes care of that the right way.

SEOLIX has created 100’s of Mega Twitter Campaigns. So we know inside out of Twitter and leveraging Twitter to increase brand awareness. You will get targeted traffic, and the service also includes private messaging users. This 100% manual service from SEOLIX can generate thousands of fans for you!

Mega Twitter Campaign is the perferct Search Engine + Social Media TAKEOVER!

For any further inquiries about the Mega Twitter Campaign service please feel free to contact us.