Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking Service?

One of the most proficient tools available for efficient SEO and promoting your websites is social bookmarking. Quintessentially, it is a method that allows users to explore, categorize and store bookmarks of web pages of their interest. Social bookmarking websites are thronged by millions of users who are constantly looking for quality content, which in conclusion endorses your website.

Social Bookmarking - www.seolix.comSocial Bookmark Service
We at SEOLIX, provide unparalleled social bookmarking services to augment your page rank by generating one way, high page rank links. Social bookmarking is gaining widespread popularity owing to its advantages and hence being termed as the next big thing in the web marketing arena.

SEOLIX Social Bookmarking

SEOLIX offers two types of bookmarking services:

  1. Mixed Social Bookmarking – Mixed social bookmarks contain both dofollow and nofollow social bookmarks
  2. Do Follow Bookmarks – Do follow social bookmarks contain ONLY DOFOLLOW social bookmarks.

Do Follow Bookmarking Packages

Mixed Bookmarking Packages