Facebook Services

Facebook is the top social networking service online. It currently has 750 + million active users. In May 2011, it was reported that Facebook received 138.9 million unique visitors. It is the virtual business/ presentation card of all the top brands and companies in the world. Your business whether big or small, can receive the boost it needs with Facebook…if you let SEOLIX make your business roll.

  • Facebook likes – the “like box” is actually a social plugin, which can be used by anybody who owns a facebook page. People visit pages, read news, watch photos & videos, browse through products, and now they are able to give one “like” for just about everything they find online. Your business can be get likes from thousands of users worldwide in an extremely short period thanks to SEOLIX. Thus, your business gains instant credibility and authority online!
  • Facebook Group Services – bring everybody that matters together forming a huge and strong group that is devoted to your business and the services it offers. Keep your current customers and potential clients under the same umbrella. Now you can send your ad campaigns and newsletters hassle free, targeting the exact group of people/ businesses that you want.
  • Facebok page design – we create beautiful, inspirational and effective Facebook page designs for your business. Dare to stand out from the crowd, and let everybody who catches a glimpse of your page become your friend, add a “like” or become your faithful customer…
  • Facebook Fansyou need an audience in order to be able to make your performance. Let SEOLIX bring you all the fans that you need in order to establish your online credibility and success!

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